Indonesia is the global powerhouse for the world electrical car supply; how could you invest in it?

Indonesia is the global powerhouse for the world electrical car supply; how could you invest in it?

As the world progresses day by day, every country is trying to find new methods to fulfill their needs without disturbing the environment. Every day due to global warming some forest or green place catches fire. This issue is concerning. Most importantly, people are getting aware of the adverse side effects of global warming and its impact on the environment.

This situation has made people even more sensitive in their choices. People do not want to burn fuels that add to the pollution after burning. This has caused much loss in the automobile industry because most of the automobiles are run by either burning petrol, gas, or CNG. In order to minimize the usage of fuel, states like the USA, Russia, and China have started launching automobiles that run on electricity. This proved to be one of the most comprehensive business strategies because those cars caught the attention of a large audience. So we can say that electric cars are the new black in the automobile industry.

Indonesia As The Global Power House

Indonesia is regarded as the powerhouse for the world of electric car supply due to its nickel mines. Electric cars run on EV batteries. Most manufacturers consider nickel the best element to use in EV batteries because nickels have a high storage capacity. It also delivers high energy density which adds to its demand. Many elements serve the same function, but the thing that distinguishes nickel from other elements is its low cost.

Indonesia has many reservoirs of nickel. Its land is rich in nickel. There are almost  50 million tons of nickel reserves in Indonesia. This thing has benefited Indonesia’s industrial sector the most. Indonesia’s government owns the biggest EV battery-making company.


Indonesia As The Global Power House


Moreover, they have also established contacts with the two world’s biggest car manufacturing companies. The state of Indonesia would supply all the batteries to these companies. This will increase the demand for EV batteries in the automobile market of the whole world.

The three major state-owned companies of Indonesia include mind ID company, oil and gas company, and electricity giant PLN are funding the state-owned EV batteries manufacturing company. Nickel cobalt manganese and lithium nickel cobalt aluminum are the two different types of  EV batteries manufactured in Indonesia. They have the two best nickel blends in them.

Perfect Way To Invest In Nickel

People are rapidly investing in nickel because they know that this investment will bring them much profit in the future. Luminous Mining Protocol is the biggest investment firm in Singapore. Its exchange token is called LUMI. LUMI is considered the best way to invest in nickel because it involves the blockchain system throughout the whole process of exchange. Their small contract applications and blockchain systems have resolved most of the problems regarding the plaguing of nickel.  They provide the service of easy transactions that are easily traceable. There is no dispute regarding the quality. The luminous group also has access to different concessions of 8 mining sites. All these services make LUMI the perfect way to invest in nickel.

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