Our Own Decentralized Exchange, featuring our exclusive partner projects , only on LUMISWAP


  • Low fees

    Why pay more? LUMISwap runs on Binance Smart Chain for now until our deployment of Main Net. BSC is a blockchain with much lower transaction costs than Ethereum, and when we go onto Main Net, the fee will also just be even lower!

    Trading fees are lower than other top decentralized exchanges too, so that's a double win for you!

  • Liquidity Providing for incubated projects

    We will provide liquidity for our incubated and verified project to help them launch onto our exchange and made public available with a secured liquidity pool for everyone to trade!

  • LUMI Coin as a ledger to ledger currency.

    You can still trade using BNB on this exchange with LUMI as the main pair in the pool.
    With our liquidity providing contracts, LUMI will be the ledger currency in these trades.
    Or you can also trade using LUMI for the tokens on this exchange directly!