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LUMI Blockchain & Smart Contracts

There is only one public LUMI Mainnet. Applications that are built on the Mainnet are able to interoperate, similarly to how applications built on the Internet can connect to each other, leveraging the full potential of decentralized blockchain.
Many businesses and consortia have deployed private, permissioned blockchains for specific applications based on LUMI technology.
LUMI’s blockchain and Smart Contracts are able to fulfil business needs in different area, and create DApps that can be used to resolve inefficiency in different businesses.
Why build on LUMI Main-net
LUMI not just provides a blockchain network that is secured and customisable for projects and business. It also has a diversified network of business and project that are in collaboration in building the LUMI ecosystem. 
 Business come onto LUMI blockchain will be able to share both online and offline resources and network with each other in achieving greater synergy together and greater success.

Enterprise resources

IdeaFactory by William Development, has been actively seeking out new projects that pass through their audit and business evaluation before bringing onboard to our platform.

These join collaboration by industry veteran are the greatest asset to any business that wish to leverage on our network and resources around the world.

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