Nickel Backed Stable Coin  

Ni Token

Why Ni Token (LUMI Stable Coin)

  • Full Compliance

    Geneva Capital Pte Ltd, co-founding team of LUMI will be registering capital market license with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, specifically to issue a security that complies with the security and future Act of the law.

  • Limited Issuance with 100% Back-Up and Documentation

    Nickel deposit will be placed into custody with a safekeeping receipt (SKR) Each time SKR is submitted to the declaration, a new Ni Token will be minted.

  • Always Open to External Audit

    Credibility and Trust are the biggest issues when it comes to stable coins. LUMI invites all outside parties for security & financial audit shall there be any doubt in terms of transparency in the issuance of the stable coin,Ni Token.

Ni Token will launch on the LUMI Blockchain