Team & Partners


Luminos Mining Protocol is a joint venture between PT. Luminos Graha Indonesia and Geneva Capital Pte Ltd Singapore, with technical teams from Idea Factory.

PT. Luminos Graha Indonesia

With more than 22 years of experience in mining and other industries, PT. Luminos Graha Indonesia has a team of technical experts in the mining business.

It has secured an official collaboration with Central Sulawesi Governor in conducting its nickel mining work.

Geneva Capital Pte. Ltd.

Singapore’s renowned corporate consulting agency that specialized in advising clients to go onto initial public offering on the Singapore Exchange (SGX), and also US Stock Exchanges such as NYSE and NASDAQ.
The team of consultants in Geneva Capital Ensures Businesses are properly audited and maintains the professional standards in their business conduct amongst its clients.

Idea Factory - By William Development Group

Consists of a team of Developer and ICO consultant, spearheaded by William.
William adopts a strong philosophy of partnership in his work, and only engage clients who pass their strict vetting procedures on their offline and online businesses.
IdeaFactory team has made a strong statement to its client that it will only accept business that offers real value and are solving real-world problems, any other intention of starting the project, the team does not wish to have any bit of involvement even in the development work.